Latitude 48 Design specializes in a wide range of residential design services.

From small accessory building applications, garden suites, renovations, new home construction, and development proposals, Latitude 48 Design will help you navigate the municipal boundaries of what is possible for your project.


A proper zoning analysis allows us to fully understand what we are able to build on your property and establish the physical limitations of the building footprint, height, and setbacks. With site survey information of your property, we are able to determine if there are any environmental impacts, development permit areas, and whether or not a variance would be required for any proposed work.


Our most creative phase of the entire design process is when we get to put our collective minds into designing your next project. From playing with simple massing and colours, to altering floor plans to meet your families future needs, conceptual design is where we put ideas to plan and discuss their significance in your daily lives.


Using our state of the art 3D visualisation software, we are able to provide our clients with full coloured perspective views of their project in our most basic package. Having the ability to sit down with our clients and have the project model in front of us in real time as we discuss changes is absolutely vital to the collaborative process.


When the conceptual design is finalised by the client, our focus turns to completing construction drawings for the permit application for the builder. Providing clean, detailed working plans allows us to quickly move through the permit and pricing process without a hitch. We strive to constantly update our plans and details so that we adopt modern building practices for ease of use during construction.